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Spoke too soon (romione chapter 4)

rating: Harsh Language, sexual thoughts, and acts do not read if not comfortable
parings: Romione, Hinny, Ron/Susan Bones Hermione/Cormac Mclaggen
summary: it’s a couple of months after the final battle, with the three staying with Ron and Ron and hermione finally becoming an item, Ron and hermione get in a nasty fight, leaving hermione so hurt she leaves. Four months later she comes back to see Ron with a new partner. How far will hermione go to get back her man?
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3

Hermione found herself standing at a bar.

She didn’t know why she had apparated to The Green Potion, but she knew she was going to drink for the first time.

She nervously walked to the bar and was waited on by a witch with piercings all the way up her warted nose. It was different, but she could tell that she fit right in. It seemed like a happening place for young witches and wizards of age to drink.

She ordered what she heard was the best drink to ease pain, fire whiskey. This drink seemed to be very common all around the wizard world, while destroying Voldemort, Lupin, Tonks, Kingsley and others all drank fire whiskey when they were stressed or needed to be relived. so how bad could it be?

The warted bar tender placed the small glass in front of her. The liquid was a pure gold color. She grasped the glass and with one final breath, she chugged the substance down.

As soon as she felt the hot liquid touch her throat she coughed and spluttered, tears coursing down her face. Her throat was on fire. The warted woman came back and looked at hermione with a smirk.

"First time with fire whiskey, huh?"

Hermione nodded while gasping for cool air. “Should have warned ‘ya sweetheart.”

Hermione smiled, finally feeling her throat return back to normal. The whiskey had gotten to her, but she no longer felt the urge to cry. The whiskey had made her numb, and she liked it.

"Want another round?" The bartender asked revealing a thick, Scottish, accent. Hermione grinned. She liked the girl. As the woman went to fetch her another round, hermione looked to the left to see a sort of dance floor. She had been so sidetracked on Ron, that she didn’t even seem to hear the loud, blaring music of The Blibbering Humdingers. Hermione always thought that the band was weird.

A loud bang interrupted her thoughts as she found the noise was from her whiskey cup being sat down in front of her again. She drained it, and was met with the surprisingly pleasurable sting of the fire whiskey. The second time was so much better than the first.

But as she kept on drinking, she found that the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and so on…

Was even better.


'C'mon Weasley! Turn back to base!”

Ron stared at one of his Auror mates begging him to follow. He was blank. They were in an arena, all of the Aurors were all separated into 2 teams, the Green and Blue.

But Ron couldn’t focus on anything.


Bender called. He looked at his green team mate who was starting to look flustered, but Ron was so sidetracked on the blue team disarming their protecting charms and something else that he couldn’t find his strength to turn his broom back to base. Instead, he just sat there. On his broom. Not a care in the world.

"Bloody hell!"

He could hear Harry groan. Harry mounted his broomstick and flew up to Ron, Harry’s green uniform was looking ripped and dirtied from all of the disarming spells the Auror’s had casted on them.

"C’mon Ron! We have the Coin! If you get back down to base we will win!"

Blue eyes met with Green, as Ron just about gripped his broomstick, he could hear a loud "stupify!" meeting with his head, he fell off his broomstick and down 800 feet to the Arena floor.


Ron knew he was asleep.

He was sleeping quite pleasantly, very relaxed, like nothing could wake him up in a million years. But he couldn’t quite get the image out of his head that made him fall in the first place, the image of hermione passed out on his couch in the living room.

Yes, she had been drunk. And very drunk indeed. It had been late last night, around 11, when hermione had stumbled into the Burrow, knocking over several piles of books, throwing a hand knitted sweater onto the dusty tiled floor, and then falling onto the old couch, and passing out.

Ron had seen all of this from the top of the stairs. Harry was already asleep, considering that they had Auror training at 4:00 in the morning…wait speaking of Auror training…

Ron shot up straight in his bed. wait bed? he looked at his nightstand to see that it was currently 5:00 at night. He heard something move and turned to the sound. There sat Hermione looking very surprised. Nervousness crept inside of Ron and he quickly looked at something else besides his ex girlfriend.

"I should tell the others that you’re awake."

Hermione mumbled. She arose and was then gone.

Ron let out a shaky breath. how long had she been watching him? he looked to the seat that she had been sitting in, and using inferences, noted that hermione had found her books (she left when she had left him a couple months ago). When hermione had disapparated that one night, she didn’t take anything with her. So Ron had went to Ginny’s room and took all of hermiones belongings…it had been the only memory left of her.

As he stared at hermione’s books, his family…and hermione, Harry, and Susan all walked in on that moment, Ginny and mrs. Weasley hugged Ron’s neck.

"You were out for nearly 12 hours"

Ginny huffed. Ron grimaced as he gained the pain of his head, where he was stupified.

Susan pushed his mother and sister out of the way and kissed Ron eagerly on the lips, Susan never kissed like this except there was a reason…and he knew why.

"You were so stupid Ronald!"

Susan exploded after letting go of Ron. She hit his arm and glared at him. “Susan give him a break, he’s only just woke up.” Hermione said quietly behind all of the Weasley’s. “Ron wouldn’t be in this state if he had only flew back to base!”

Harry scowled at him. Sweat trickled down Ron’s back as he nervously thought about the consequences of his actions. “Did the green team win? And am I…out of training?”

He swallowed nervously as Harry looked at Ron. “Green team won.” Ron let out a breath of relief. “And no, you weren’t eliminated…you can thank Susan, but your ranking on the Auror charts went down tremendously.”

Harry added. Ron knew that Harry was at the top ranking on becoming the next Auror. Bender, a new friend of Harry and Ron’s was second, Xaviey, a violent woman who was the one that stupified Ron was ranked number 3, Ron was ranked 4. But he knew he was no longer a 4 anymore.

"How bad is my ranking?"

Harry looked at Ron again, this time his jaw was shut tight. “Kingsley is one of the judges…and he told me he felt bad about doing this, but the top Aurors never miss a disarming spell…they always listen to their fellow Aurors and never…freeze.

Ron could feel eagerness approach him and he clenched his fists tight. “What’s my ranking now?”

Harry looked at Ron and shook his head, as if he couldn’t tell him the answer. “Tell me now, dammit!”

Ron tried to arise in his bed, but was met with severe pain. He winced and laid back down. Harry looked a Ginny, Ginny nodded.

"Kingsley said your new ranking is 25."

Ron groaned and shut his eyes tight. Great, now being partnered up he would no longer be with Harry and Bender, instead he was stuck with the weak Aurors that don’t know what they’re doing.

You don’t want to be ranked higher than 15, seeing only that 15 Aurors each year pass the training, the twenty higher than 15 always get eliminated fast and easy, it’s really hard to get back up to the top 15 once you’ve lost it. There are some good wizards this year, and it doesn’t even matter if you’ve helped defeat the darkest wizard of all time. Nobody cares if your not in the 15.

"You’re an embarrassment."

Susan spat at Ron. She then stormed out of his room and out the front door.

It was quiet after that. Mr and mrs Weasley had soon left to prepare dinner. Harry, Ginny, and Hermione all sat uncomfortably around Ron. It was very tense considering hermione and Ron weren’t on any good terms at all. Especially after what happened last night, and Ron still wasn’t guilty about what he had said.

"I think if you set your mind to it Ron, you can get back into the 15." Hermione said quietly. What does she know about Aurors? "Thanks for that, but you don’t know anything about Aurors."

Ron scowled at her. She looked at him with pure hatred. “Look, I’m just trying to cheer you up!”

"What do you know about cheering up!? You’re the one that stumbled into my house last night, drunk as if you were Mundungus!” Harry then yelled at Ron to cut it out.

"Why must you make an argument about everything!?" Hermione choked as her eyes welled up in tears once again. Hermione turned to the door, but before she put a foot out, she looked at Ron. "You don’t know what pain feels like Ron…maybe if you did you would know why I drank last night… I regret it, I do, but it was a remedy for my pain…this is not going to be the last that I drink, at least for now."

She then ran out, the three could hear her muffled sobs as she ran out the door, the same way Susan had done.

"You’re a jerk, you know that?"

Ginny snarled at Ron. “C’mon Harry.”

Harry gave one last glare at Ron and then they left.

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Spoke too soon (romione chapter 3)

rating: Harsh Language, sexual thoughts, and acts do not read if not comfortable
parings: Romione, Hinny, Ron/Susan Bones Hermione/Cormac Mclaggen
summary: it’s a couple of months after the final battle, with the three staying with Ron and Ron and hermione finally becoming an item, Ron and hermione get in a nasty fight, leaving hermione so hurt she leaves. Four months later she comes back to see Ron with a new partner. How far will hermione go to get back her man?
Chapter 1
chapter 2

"That was bloody brilliant!"

Ron exclaimed as he opened the door for his girlfriend Susan as they left a muggle restaurant. “Ron, remember, we don’t use the word ‘bloody.’”

Susan scolded as she searched for her wand in her purse. Ron rolled his eyes, thinking of hermione, she never did mind when he used ‘bloody,’ ‘hell,’ or even ‘fuck,’ (Ron always thought it was extremely sexy when she’d say any of those words, he liked a girl that would cuss on occasion) as soon as Ron started to day dream about hermione, he was soon snapped into reality, this time it was Susan fussing over his Oxford button down being too wrinkly

"I gave that shirt to you so you would wear it, not trash it!"

Susan complained. She looked at her boyfriend in disgust. In all honesty, Ron hated the shirt. He never did have a thing for collars, but Susan did, and she wanted a perfect, and polished boyfriend. Ron only went with it so he could try to keep this relationship and move on from hermione…also to move up in Auror training…and it was working. Harry and Ron were in the lead for becoming the next big Aurors.

"So do you want to go to the burrow, or to my place?" Susan snapped, grasping her tan colored wand.

"Uh…What do you want?" Ron shrugged.

Susan rolled her eyes. “Honestly Ronald make up your mind.”

Ron took a double take, Susan sounded so much like hermione that it scared him. “Um burrow.”

Susan grasped Ron’s hand. “You need to get your own place by the way, it’s pathetic that you still live with your parents.”

"It hasn’t even been a year since we’ve been out of school!"

Susan rolled her eyes and straightened out Ron’s shirt. “Whatever.”

They were soon standing in the kitchen in the burrow. Susan wrinkled her nose in disgust of the ‘sloppy’ house. She then walked to the kitchen table and sat down.”Some tea would be divine, Molly.” She demanded. Mrs.Weasley looked sharply at Ron. Lets just say Mrs. Weasley wasn’t a big fan of Susan. “Well Susan, there’s a kettle over there.” Mrs. Weasley grumbled, motioning to the muggle stove, not caring to be kind. “Ronald, may I speak to you in the living room?” Mrs.weasley managed to whisper, as Susan turned her back and groaned.

Ron walked with his mother into the living room. “Where’s Harry?”

Ron asked as they sat on the couch. “Well… He’s helping a guest.”


Just then the front door opened and in stumbled Harry carrying 3 big leather bags on each arm. “Goodness! How many books do you have!?” Harry called towards the outside. Ron sighed, everything reminded him of hermione, even the word books. “That’s not the last of it, there’s 5 more suitcases in the trunk.” A voice yelled back to Harry. Harry groaned.

Ron shut his eyes tight. Great now he’s imagining her voice. Harry stumbled into the living room dropping the six bags and took a deep breath. “Bloody-”

"HARRY! LITTLE HELP?" The voice yelled again.

"Is that Ginny?"

Ron asked her mother that looked a bit queasy. “No dear, how about you lead Susan out the back door? The house is too crowded…”

Ron looked at her puzzled. His eyes then found the leather bags and studied the monogrammed HGJ on the suitcase. He looked at his mother in betrayal. “Fucking hell!” He stood up. He couldn’t breathe and he could barley hear anything. In the background he could slightly hear Susan griping at him and his mother trying to soothe him. He was seeing red.

Just then, everything stopped in Ron’s world. The most majestic and prettiest creature walked in through the front door, her hair was in very soft loose curls—not like the bushy hair a girl would have, this was a woman.

She had a short tight dress on showing off her flat tummy and skinny, sexy legs. Ron could feel himself drooling. He quickly snapped back into reality. Why did her mother invite her over!? He was still upset over the fight. And seeing her again…he could only picture in his head her face when she flashed out of his life a couple months ago. Hermione’s eyes met with his, and Ron couldn’t allow this to happen again. He quickly ran up the flight of stairs to his bedroom, and shut the door loudly. It wasn’t completely that he was mad, he just didn’t want to get attached to her again.


"He still hasn’t come down to eat?"

Hermione asked impatiently as she approached mrs.weasley. “He’s probably just in a little shock, I know Susan was, considering she didn’t bother to help clean up her spilled tea and stormed out of the door in envy of you, ‘Mione.”

Mrs.weasley said casually making hermione blush as she helped clean off the table for lunch. Hermione had made sure she looked her best today,(after seeing Ron’s reaction last night) considering Ron can’t hide up in his room all day, he’s going to get hungry—and it surprised hermione that he’s lasted this long. Though hermione did know that he had a stash of chocolate frogs underneath his bed and in a ratty, old shoebox. Hermione bit her lip.

There was still some anger and hurt in hermione, but she was glad to be back. She was still awfully mad at him for all of the things he had said, but if he apologizes maybe they can get back together. “I never got to ask you, Mrs. Weasley, why was Susan over last night? Is she Ginny’s friend?” Hermione asked as she casted a spell on a glass to wash itself. Mrs. Weasley’s face turned white. She started to answer, but before she could explain, Ron stumbled down the stairs. He was face to face with hermione. They were a centimeter apart, so close Ron could feel her sharp intake of breath. He stepped back in a rush, looking down at the old tile flooring. Hermione glared at him.


Mrs. Weasley began, interrupting the tense silence between them. Mrs. Weasley stood awkwardly behind hermione, silently begging her son to be nice. Hermione hugged herself and studied the cover of a book. The History of Magic Radio it showed, what looked like Merlin, jamming out beside a radio. Hermione thought the book looked absurd.

"Why is she here!?" Ron spat breaking the silence. Hermione wheeled her head over to Ron. Looking at him for the first time—but in shock.

"Ronald!" Mrs. Weasley shouted.

Hermione could feel a lump in her throat forming. “I-I thought you’d be happy to see me.” Her confidence was now fading, fast.

"Oh please!" Ron scoffed. Hermione took a step back, her mouth flying open. "As long as you still have your head up your arse, I’m not happy."

"What did I ever do to you besides worry!?"

"Really? You’re a complete bitch all the time! Nobody wants you here except mum, she just wants a free maid."


Mrs. Weasley yelled. Hermione tried to stay strong… Maybe he was just angry she left. “Look—I’m sorry I left you, but I needed a break, it’s your fault I left; you keep saying these terrible things to be and I thought you loved me-“

"I have Susan now."


"Susan bones. She’s perfect and everything you’re not."

"That’s enough Ronald." Mrs. Weasley sternly shouted. She had walked in front of hermione, in a sort of ‘protecting’ position.

Hermione felt tears come. She let out a sob. She thought Ron loved her, but now, he would rather have Susan. Now she knew why Susan was there that night and why she left so quickly. “I need to get out.” Hermione whispered and ran out the doorway. As soon as the icy wind caught her face. She let out another loud sob and got out her wand to disapparate.


Mrs. Weasley screamed. Ron looked down. “I don’t want her here, she just fucks everything, and everyone up!”

"She loved you and you were the bitch! Imagine how she feels!? How would you feel if someone treated you that way!?" Mrs.Weasley screamed again. Her face was so flustered that it was turning red. Ron crossed his arms and didn’t dare show weakness.

"Don’t talk to me until you have this all sorted out."

Mrs. Weasley walked out and didn’t bother to give Him his food. Ron didn’t feel any regret about the words he had said to hermione….


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Hey guys!! Sorry I haven’t been on in a while„ life has been rough :( but I swear I’ll update romione as soon as I can!!

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Time lapse of creating hermione

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THis is called  “Holy shit hermione granger is in my house” (before you say this is bad I want you guys to know that I spent 4 hours on this on my iPad on some cheap no good app) ok now you can judge me

THis is called “Holy shit hermione granger is in my house” (before you say this is bad I want you guys to know that I spent 4 hours on this on my iPad on some cheap no good app) ok now you can judge me

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Spoke to soon (romione chapter 2)

rating: Harsh Language, sexual thoughts, and acts do not read if not comfortable
parings: Romione, Hinny, Ron/Susan Bones Hermione/Cormac Mclaggen
summary: it’s a couple of months after the final battle, with the three staying with Ron and Ron and hermione finally becoming an item, Ron and hermione get in a nasty fight, leaving hermione so hurt she leaves. Four months later she comes back to see Ron with a new partner. How far will hermione go to get back her man?
Chapter 1

"Honesty hermione, you’re a joke!"

Ron sneered. His eyes were red, full of hatred. Harry bellowed with laughter as Ron kicked hermione to the ground. “You’re so ugly! I mean, who would care for you?”

Ron roared. Ron threw her down onto the ground again, but hermione didn’t hit the hard cement she was expecting, instead, she was still falling, and Ron and Harry were shrinking by the minute…

Hermione awoke with a gasp for air. As her eyes started to focus on the things around her, she remembered her dream, and like every morning for the past month, she started to cry. She always had the same sort of dream, Ron, Harry, or sometimes even Ginny would hurt or pick on her in her dreams, and it hurt her deeply to wake up and remember it.

After a few minutes of regrouping herself, she got out of her bed and went downstairs to her Mum and Dad. After leaving the burrow that one, nasty, night. Her parents had happily embraced her, and had allowed her to stay with them as long as she needed. She enjoyed the time she had with her parents, as she remembered when she was younger and never got the chance.

"How are you feeling today, ‘Mione?"

Her Mum asked as she washed the dishes. “Same. Mum I would get used to this, I’m always going to be this way now…always.”

"I wouldn’t count on that."

Her father said coming into the kitchen with an envelope in his hand. “Isn’t an Owl the way your world gets in touch with each other?”

Hermione’s heart sank as he said ‘your world’, her father never really enjoyed the fact that she was a witch, he had always wanted hermione to become a dentist like the rest of the family. Hermione had reassured him years ago that if her child is a squib, her child would take that opportunity.

But, curious about the letter, she had quickly asked to see it. She took it from her father’s hands and ran upstairs to her bedroom.


The card read on the front. She couldn’t make out Ron’s or Harry’s handwriting, which confused her. She was hoping it was from Ron, (who had yet to apologize) she was still very upset about his words to her, but if he had sent a letter, she would already be back with him at the burrow.

Hermione opened the letter, and began reading.

I’m so sorry to have not written sooner, I have had to find a time to write in private, which is very hard considering Ron’s suspicious about this already, but Hermione, we need you back. I know you probably shudder to think to come back here again, but we all need you. Ginny’s Lonely, Harry’s missing you, I am terribly missing my extra hand in the kitchen every night, and your kind heart that never minds listening to my problems, oh how I miss you hermione! And Ron…well Ron hasn’t forgiven himself yet, hermione if you don’t come back I don’t know what will happen to him… Harry says he’s been doing fine at Auror training, but I think Harry’s just trying to lighten up the mood around here. If you do consider coming back… We would all happily greet you…i hope.
Best regards,
Molly Weasley

Hermione read the last words and smiled. She did miss Mrs. Weasley and more importantly she was grateful Ron had passed his first day and wasn’t killed.

After over thinking the situation, she finally grabbed a piece of parchment and wrote back to Mrs. Weasley.

Thank you for your invitation, will you give me at least a month to regroup? Lets say… November 16? ~H

After sending the Letter she looked at herself in the mirror, thinking about how to get fit and loose weight in one month to blow Ron’s mind.


"Great day today, yeah?"

Harry joked to Ron. They were leaving the Ministry after a hard day at Auror training. Their task today was to best disguise themselves with black paint, honey, and goat hair, and to make 50 combinations in under three minutes. It was their “Concealment and Disguise” week, and only being Tuesday, they were already worn out.

"Great work today Ron."

A perky red head came up to the boys as they hopped into a lift. “Thanks…”

Ron said awkwardly. “You don’t recognize me do you? I’m Susan bones, I was a Hufflepuff. I record everything that happens in the training so the Ministry can decide who’s moving up and who’s going to be eliminated.”

"Oh! Okay."

Harry chimed in. The lift stopped as Susan turned back to Ron. “Well I hope to see you tomorrow, Ron, you’re cuter than I remember.”

Susan stepped out of the lift and walked towards a big, black door. Harry gave Ron a look. “Hey Susan? Wait up!”

Susan turned as Ron ran up to her. “How would you like to go to lunch sometime this week?”

Susan’s face brightened up. “I would love to!”

"That’s great and everything, but we need to get back to the burrow Ron, your moms going to be mad we’re missing dinner."

Harry interuppted. The said their goodbyes and Harry and Ron disapparated.

"Ok, what was all of that about!?"

Harry asked as they landed in the kitchen. “I’ve got to get over H-Hermione somehow right, mate? I mean I know she’s not coming back.”

Mrs. Weasley, (who couldn’t help herself to hear the conversation.) dropped her plate she was currently scrubbing and turned white.

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